The Government’s pandemic response has left people behind and its roadmap out of lockdown does nothing to fix this.

Councils can still cut social care, the Government has tried to ban protests, police have access to people’s Test and Trace data and the racist hostile environment is still in full effect.

It’s time for a new approach. Liberty’s Protect Everyone Bill covers everyday freedoms, housing, education, employment, migrants’ rights, disabled people’s rights and more.

MPs will soon vote again on the Government’s dangerous Coronavirus Act that has watered down our rights.

Use our quick and easy tool to email your MP today. Call on them to scrap the Act and to replace it with an approach that respects human rights, such as the Protect Everyone Bill.

The Government said it wants to build back better. This is how.

Email your MP today and tell them to change course, scrap the Coronavirus Act and replace it with the Protect Everyone Bill which prioritises public health, human rights and protection for everyone.

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