The Government’s new Rwanda Bill shamefully rips basic human rights away from people seeking safety in the UK, puts everyone else’s rights at risk and places the Government above the law. 

Email your MP to call on them to vote against this dangerous and disgraceful Bill. 

We all want to live in a society where everyone is treated with care and respect. But this Government is trying to divide us in an attempt to weaken our rights and freedoms and prevent us from holding them accountable for their actions. 

Its Rwanda Bill will strip human rights away from people who come to the UK in the hope of safety for them and their loved ones.  

Either everyone has human rights, or no one does. If the Government can snatch them away from any section of society, none of us has rights – just privileges that can be taken away by people in power.  

This Bill is part of a clear pattern of shutting down the ways people can challenge Government decisions. It goes so far as to override the Supreme Court’s ruling that Rwanda is not a safe country, forcing all decision-makers to act as though it is. It allows Ministers to ignore orders from the European Court of Human Rights that are designed to save people from serious and irreversible harm. 

We will not be divided. Email your MP today to stop the Rwanda Bill.

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