The Public Order Bill is the Government’s latest attack on the right to protest.

MPs will vote on the Bill again soon. Email your MP today.

The Public Order Bill contains dangerous anti-protest proposals, including:

Protest banning orders that can be issued even if you haven’t committed an offence. They can include electronic tagging and stop you going to particular places, meeting certain people, and even using the internet in certain ways.

A new offence of ‘locking on’ – attaching yourself, another person or an object to anything else. This could mean anything from using superglue to weighing down balloons to linking arms.

Expanding stop and search – which is already disproportionately used against Black people – to allow police to stop and search people and vehicles for, and then confiscate, any items that could be used to commit a protest offence. So really any protest-related item, such as glue, a bike lock or placard.

These proposals could potentially criminalise anyone who takes to the streets for a cause they believe in.

Use our template to quickly and easily email your MP today, calling on them to vote against these plans and protect the right to protest.

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