Demand non-policing solutions to serious youth violence

Whatever our postcode or the colour of our skin, we all deserve to grow up in communities where we are cared for and given the tools we need to flourish in life.

But instead of investing in young people or providing support to deal with the causes of social problems, the Government has given the police more powers and focused on punishing people for the situation they find themselves in.   

More police powers can't solve inequality and poverty. This approach has led to more and more people being treated unfairly by the police, rather than being given the help they need.

Add your name to our call for a new approach to tackling serious youth violence, with the powers of the police rolled back and more funding and support for young people to thrive.

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We demand investment and support to give young people the best start in life. And we need to roll back the powers of the police so no-one faces harsh and traumatising treatment at their hands.