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The Government’s plan to rip up our Human Rights Act means fewer rights for us, more power for them. If enough of us take a stand we can stop them.

In a functioning democracy, people must be able to hold the powerful to account. For more than 20 years, the Human Rights Act has enabled everyone in the UK to do just that and stand up for our rights when public authorities – like the Government and local councils – fall short.

It protects us from misuse of power no matter who we are – soldiers, people in care, journalists, LGBT+ people, disabled people, workers, children.

The Government has recently abandoned its “Rights Removal Bill” – that would have scrapped the Human Rights Act.

But threats to our fundamental rights remain.

The Government is attempting to cut off all the avenues people have to hold the powerful accountable for their actions. It has given the police more powers to shut down protests, has made it harder to challenge government decision-making in court, and has blocked people without certain forms of ID from voting in elections.

We can’t let it weaken our Human Rights Act and make itself untouchable. Speak up to save your rights.

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We call on the Justice Secretary to abandon plans to ’overhaul’ the Human Rights Act.

The Human Rights Act protects all of us, all of the time. It protects the most basic and important things – like freedom of expression, liberty and a family life. It ensures that public authorities like Government departments, local authorities, and the NHS respect these fundamental rights, and empowers people to enforce their rights in UK courts if they fail to.

The Government’s plans will make it more difficult for public bodies to uphold rights and for ordinary people to challenge decisions that violate their human rights. These proposals must be scrapped, and the Human Rights Act safeguarded instead.